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Medical Certificate of Fitness

Our in-depth medicals are tailored to to meet the specific requirements of each individual client.

We are all about making your employees feel safe and looked after, in accordance to the OHS Act to provide a 

healthy workforce and safe environment. Medical Surveillance are done to identify possible occupational health diseases and intervein before incidences can occur. Medical surveillance is required by law to be carried out in workplaces where workers are exposed to particular hazards. The particular hazards that require medical surveillance include noise, asbestos, certain chemicals, certain biological agents, and lead. It is the responsibility of the employer to ensure that the medical surveillance is carried out at the cost of the employer.

Our team with a fleet of Occupational Health Mobile Units are ready to bring you exceptional services. 

Risk based medicals assessments available for various occupations, in accordance to the risk profile that is in line with applicable legislation that consist of:

  • Physical Examination

  • Working  & Medical History

  • Audio Metric Testing

  • Lung Function Testing

  • Keystone Vision Screening

  •  Urinalysis

       Additional Services include:

  • X-Rays

  • Multi- drug Testing

  • HIV Rapid Testing

  • COVID -19 Rapid Testing

  • Vaccines

Staff Qualification &  Equipment Calibration Certificates are available on request.

Let's take care of your Entry, Periodic and Annual Medicals, so you can focus on running a successful business.

What tests are required for a valid Medical Fitness Certificate?


Audiometric Testing

We provide trusted and comprehensive testing to identify and assess hearing loss that might have occurred from noise exposure in the workplace.


It is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that hearing tests are done and it also provides you with an opportunity to educate your employee on the importance of hearing and the need to protect it.


Lung Function Testing

The non-invasive test will evaluate a worker’s respiratory health to detect any signs of lung problems.

Normal results vary as they are based on a person’s age, height, race and gender so it’s important to have the tests done by a qualified health surveillance technician.


Physical Examination

You know your employees are competent, but are they healthy?


The physical exam is a must for any business owner to make sure your employees have a clean bill of health and no underlying or
pre-existing health conditions that will affect their ability to perform essential duties.


Audiometric Testing

Vision is considered one of the most crucial components of a health and safety medical for the prevention of on-site accidents.


Tests are done quickly to effectively determine any visual impairments or early signs of undetected health problems.



Substance abuse in the workplace can put the lives of your employees, as well as your own, at risk.

Make sure you have a zero tolerance policy in place to protect your employees and ultimately improve


Make a booking, call us now!

Specialized Industries

SHERmed offers a comprehensive on-site or walk-in medical for all industry types in order to comply with strict regulations and legislation demanded by South African Health & Safety law.


Bookings are essential to avoid disappointment.


Food Handler Medicals

South African law stipulates a vast set of regulations applicable to all food handlers. A food handler is any person that comes into contact with uncovered food not intended for their own personal consumption during the course of a normal work day.

Full medical provided with additional biological monitoring for example E.coli, Salmonella and more. All food handlers are required by law to report any illness to their employee and wear protective clothing at all times.

Construction Workers



Due to its nature the construction industry has some of the most rigorous occupational Health and Safety regulations in South Africa. According to law workers fall into three categories – General, Working on Heights, Operators or Drivers.


Our highly experienced team will do full required medicals as well as an Annexure 3 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act including certificate of fitness including – with restrictions or with conditions.

Red Tractor in Field

Agriculture & Abattoirs Medicals

Very strict Health and Safety regulations apply and in most cases an occupational health medical is required for the employee before work commences.

The mandated Hygiene Management Programme (HMP) must be implemented in every abattoir and record of adherence must be kept.

A Man Welding

Engineering & Manufacturing


In these industries employees’ risk exposure varies due to a wide range of industries under this umbrella. Balance between operational efficiency and employee safety is crucial.

A vast range of physical hazards exist and must be monitored on a regular basis.

Truck and Warehouse

Transport, Logistics & Warehousing Medicals

These industries each have their own unique set of challenges and specific Occupational Health
and Safety legislation applies.

Mostly a high risk and very stressful environment driven by time and therefore important to ensure your employees are healthy, fit and focused at all times.

Construction Project

Working at Heights


In this field correct training is crucial as falls are the single biggest cause of workplace fatalities. This can halt production for days while investigations are underway.

Employees need to have the necessary knowledge, be able to identify risks, skills to assess and eliminate risk, inspect and maintain equipment.

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